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3rd prize & special prize of the young jury

International Competition Premio Paolo Borciani

YCAT Artist

1st prize

Competition of the Irene Steels-Wilsing Foundation at the Heidelberg Spring String Quartet Festival January 2020

A string quartet to start off

... The young musicians convinced with a first-class sound culture and, thanks to sensitive and highly complex music-making, effortlessly found a wonderful collective sound. Three pieces for string quartet by Igor Stravinsky, full of finesse and peppered with all kinds of musical modernisms, were followed by classical pieces by Josef Haydn - tenderly melting, lively galloping, folklore-inspired, dramatic and exhilarating. Finally, the String Quartet No. 9 in E-flat major by Dmitri Shostakovich became the highlight, for in this composition, written in 1964, the melancholy and the pensive, the hopeful and the exhilarating rub against each other. - a veritable firework of different moods and avant-garde ideas, ... played magnificently by the Adelphi Quartet, and met with rapturous applause by an enthusiastic audience.

Bezau Beatz, KULTUR, Peter Füssl, 10.8.2020

Halffter Premiere at the Arp Museum

... The composer himself [Pedro Halffter] sat at the piano, supported by the fabulous Adelphi Quartet. This young formation had opened the concert with a highly fascinating String Quartet by his great-uncle Ernesto Halffter, a fascinating work rendering homage to the classical form while filling it with impressionistic refinement, sometimes reminiscent of Debussy and Ravel. Tonal fissures and mixtures in the second movement, for example testified to an extraordinary vision of sound, which was realised with captivating brilliance by the four members of the quartet. …

Bonner Generalanzeiger, Halffter Uraufführung, Guido Krawinkel, 18.8.2020

Passion in a quartet

... The Adelphi Quartet is completely in its element here painting sonorous soulscapes with highly emotive energy. Superbly, the fascinating tension is maintained in the finale and ends, as it were, in a stomping stretta. Aerosols to and fro, there is nothing stopping the loud cheers. The perfectly placed encore, the Scherzo from Joseph Haydn's op. 33/4, fills us with hope as it sends us out into a city which is almost asleep at nine o'clock in the evening., Gottfried Franz Kasparek, 21.10.2020