More than 4 strings.

We disagree.

Esther: "We are not the often evoked "single instrument". We are not always at one with each other on everything. We work very hard approaching a concert, but then we let go. Once we are on stage, we find each other. Suddenly it all fits together. We take that risk.

Rocking it.

Marko: "We are very open, we like to leave our comfort zone, we get involved with each other, passionately. Our audience can feel that. If you want to inspire people you have to be fully alive and present. I never want to be told „You played really well", but "You blew me away!" Like at a rock concert, that's how it should be."

We like to grow apart.

Nepomuk: "We strive to be clear and expressive as a quartet. But: We don't want to be one hundred percent "just a quartet". It's important to us that everyone does other stuff as well, can add other performances, their own experiences, their own inspiration into the mix. That makes us versatile."


Maxime: "Of course we want to be brilliant, but absolute perfection? That’s not our ultimate goal. For us, the idea comes first, the music, it's all about music. People feel that; they listen to us, it captivates them. It’s touching for them. And that touches us.”