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Adelphi Quartet delivers more than a moving concert

It was a Haydn delight: The string quartets in G major and B minor recently brought a lot of good spirits to the audience. (…) boldly played through the playful eternal intimate moments of his two works. (…)

On this evening, one could experience up close that virtuosity cannot be frivolously reduced to dexterity alone, but always demands feeling and expression: ‘Advantage through technology,’ sure, but technology without feeling – that is only tired étude, at best vain attitude. And fortunately, one searched for it in vain here.

Münchner Merkur, Volker Camehn, 11.3.2023

Spiritual, deeply sad, and poignant

The fabulous Adelphi Quartet captivates the audience with dramatic works by Bushra El Turk and Béla Bartók. The fabulous Adelphi Quartet took its audience in Icking on a veritable rollercoaster of emotions. The four musicians were able to (…) already convince with the two Haydn quartets. (…) The same infectious joy of playing was shown by the young musicians (…) in the other equally spirited movements with many surprises.

Sparing, but always very conscious, the ensemble uses its delicate vibrato to give the wonderfully homogeneous, consistently transparent sound the ideal amount of richness and substance. With (…) abrupt fluctuations between lyrical moments and “Barbaro” eruptions, the Adelphi Quartet consistently maintained the tension, which culminated in enthusiastic applause at the end.

Klangwelt Klassik Icking, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Friedrich-Karl Bruhns, 6.3.2023

An intense concert experience

The agitated first movement is unusually dissonant for Mendelssohn, which the quartet emphasized in their uncompromising expressiveness “mercilessly”. (…) Even the singing of the Adagio appeared in a pale light. And in the finale: there arose from the three-note motifs desperate cries of pain from the Adelphi Quartet, which emerged from the rich sound of the quartet. Stormy applause.

Landshuter Zeitung, Eberhard Iro, 2.2.2023

Exciting news for the new year!

We are thrilled to welcome Adam Newman, a fantastic violist and wonderful friend, to the quartet! We have already spent several inspiring weeks together and are very excited about all the adventures that lie ahead. What a beautiful start to open this new chapter with our return to the Wigmore Hall!

2nd Prize and Special Prize

The Adelphi Quartet wins the 2nd Prize and the Special Prize of the Esterházy Foundation at the Wigmore Hall International Competition 2022

“Not the Policeman of My Notes”

“The ‘Adelphis,’ despite all their intensity and passion, belong to those who do not blatantly advertise anything, playing with an airy-light touch, always thoughtful, somewhat introverted, yet with a touch of humor.”

Heidelberg String Quartet Festival, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Harald Eggebrecht, 25.1.2022

YCAT Artist

3rd Prize and Special Prize

The Adelphi Quartet wins the 3rd Prize and the Special Prize of the Young Jury at the international competition Premio Paolo Borciani 2021

Passion in the Quartet

… The Adelphi Quartet is completely in its element here, painting audible landscapes of the soul with great moving energy. Magnificent, how the fascinating tension is sustained in the finale and ends in a stamping stretta. Aerosols back and forth, there is no preventing cheers. The accurately pointed encore, the Scherzo from Joseph Haydn’s op. 33/4, sends one hopefully into the almost already sleeping city around nine o’clock in the evening., Gottfried Franz Kasparek, 21.10.2020

Halffter Premiere at the Arp Museum

… The composer [Pedro Halffter] himself sat at the piano, supported by the legendary Adelphi Quartet. This young ensemble had opened the concert with a highly interesting string quartet by his great-uncle Ernesto Halffter, a fascinating work that pays homage to the classical form but fills it with impressionistic refinement reminiscent of Debussy and Ravel on many occasions. Spalt- and Misturklänge in the second movement, for example, testified to an extraordinary sound vision, which was implemented by the four members of the quartet with compelling brilliance. …

Bonner Generalanzeiger, Halffter premiere, Guido Krawinkel, 18.8.2020

To kick off the event, a string quartet…

… The young musicians convinced with first-class sound culture and, thanks to sensitive and highly sensitive musicianship, effortlessly found a wonderful collective sound. They followed three pieces for string quartet by Igor Stravinsky, filled with various musical modernisms and tricks, with classical works by Josef Haydn – delicately melting, briskly galloping, folk-inspired, dramatic, and lively. The highlight was Dmitri Shostakovich’s String Quartet No. 9 in E-flat major, as the 1964 composition blends melancholic and contemplative elements with hopeful and lively ones – a true fireworks display of diverse moods and avant-garde ideas… Brilliantly performed by the Adelphi Quartet, and greeted by the enthusiastic audience with thunderous applause…

Bezau Beatz, CULTURE, Peter Füssl, 10.8.2020

1st Prize


The Adelphi Quartet wins the 1st prize at the competition of the Irene Steels-Wilsing Foundation at the String Quartet Festival of Heidelberger Frühling 2020